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We carry carpet by Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, and Southwind.

At Hub's Floor Covering, we carry a wide variety of today's most popular carpet styles. We offer carpet selections for both residential and commercial applications. Each style has many colors available to match any decor. For help in selecting the right carpet for each room in your home or business, please visit our showroom today. 

Below is some information about the products we offer.


Wear-Dated MOHAWK® is premium-branded nylon carpet fiber known for its beauty, comfort and durability. Whether frieze, cut-loop pile, shag or Saxony, carpets made with Wear-Dated fiber have a more natural look due to the patented characteristics of the fiber itself, lending it a lustrous, classic texture and the appearance of fine natural wool, but with the high-performance characteristics of nylon.
When it comes to color, nobody does it like Wear-Dated. Thanks to the patented fiber design, the fiber not only offers superior floor performance, but outstanding dyeability, providing more color richness, brilliance and saturation. You have more color options than ever before. In order to be branded Wear-Dated, carpet made with Wear-Dated nylon fiber must meet stringent carpet construction standards and pass rigorous durability testing. Wear-Dated durability is consistent and dependable, making it the number one choice for carpet in millions of homes.


Today's carpets are available in a wide range of fiber types, textures, patterns, weights, densities and backings. Therefore, before you make your carpet purchase we recommend that you discuss your carpet needs and expectations with your floor covering dealer. In particular, it is very important that you know the performance characteristics of each carpet construction and each fiber, including their own inherent stain resistance properties and/or the stain resistance properties of additional after-treatments that are added to help protect your carpet against stains and soils. 
Berber, Plush, Shag, Texture, Pattern, Loop, all Beaulieu Carpets are designed in an array of delightful colors and shades for your home.
Acoustic, Aesthetic, Comfortable, Safe 
  Beaulieu of America


 Proven in many high-traffi c commercial and hospitality applications,
 EnviroCel™ has come home, bringing these benefi ts and more to
  residential interiors.
  • Made of rapidly renewable and recycled materials, over 50% green by
  • Manufactured with post-consumer recycled PET plastic.
  • Replaces over 90% of the petroleum based polymers with a bio-based
      polymer derived from domestically grown soybeans. 
  • Features a revolutionary, patent-pending Extruded Fiberization adhesion
      layer that provides increased fl exibility and strength. 
  • Improves environmental air quality. Every yard of EnviroCel� Home
      installed means increased soy bean production, which helps improve air
      quality by consuming CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Makes a smaller environmental footprint, carpetslast longer so less
      carpet ends up in landfills.
  Southwind Carpet Mills


  For more product information give us a call or visit our show room east of Green Bay on Highway 29.